Step 1: Customer find information about goods and services posted

Step 2: Customer confirms the order

Step 3: Customer choose one of the payment method (*) and confirm payment

• Cash on delivery (COD)

• MoMo E-Wallet

• Card payment

Step 4: Emartmall calls to confirm with the Customer;

In case of out of stock, Emartmall will call to customer and delete the out-of-stock product from the cart. With online payment orders, Emartmall will refund the amount of out-of-stock product and customer will receive the money back via the bank account within 5 to 15 working days..

Step 5: Delivery staff process shipping;

Step 6: Customer receive goods, pay by cash in case of choosing the payment method of Cash on delivery;


Customer can choose one of the following payment methods after purchasing products on the Emartmall app and website:

1. Cash on delivery
Customer order and pay as soon as receiving the goods.
This form of payment applies only to orders under 20,000,000 VND

2. Online payment

2.1 Payment via ATM card

1. Select the bank corresponding to the card you want to pay at Bank Selection and click Process

2. Enter the card information as shown below and click Pay (Thanh toán)
3. Select the appropriate form of transaction code and click Pay (Thanh toán)
4. Enter the transaction code to the phone number registered to receive messages with the bank and click Pay (Thanh toán)

Use domestic ATM cards with registration for using online payment features, or Internert banking services of the Bank.
The transaction must be successfully recorded from the successful licensing notice returned by the payment gateway system (ensuring the balance / limit and customer authentication in accordance with the card's usage rules)
(*) Appendix list of banks: VCB, TCB, VIB, EIB, MBB, CTG, HDB, ACB, Sacombank, NCB, MSB, VietABank, VPB, GPB, Ocean Bank, NASB, OCB, DAB, ABB, TIENPHONG Bank, LPB Bank, SHB, BVB, AgriBank, SeABank, SCB, KLB, VRB, BIDV, Nam A Bank, PVCB, PG Bank, SAIGONBank, PBVN.

2.2 Payment via credit card, international payment card
Enter your credit card information and click Process to process payment for the order. Input the OTP (in case of requesting)

Note :
Use credit/debit/prepaid cards VISA, MasterCard, JCB issued by domestic and international banks.
To pay by credit card, international card, transaction must be successfully recorded from the successful licensing notice returned by the payment gateway system (ensuring balance / limit and customer authentication according to card usage rules).
Additional charges in addition to the order please check carefully with the bank of the customer to avoid extra charges unintendedly.
However, in some cases you use a card that is not issued in Vietnam, you may have to pay a currency exchange fee to the issuing bank. If you are unsure about this fee, please contact the card issuing bank for further advice.
Emartmall currently does not support payment by card after receiving goods.