1) Process for customers

Step 1: Login to account on Emartmall.com.vn.

Step 2: Select the goods and see the detail price of goods, if you agree to order, click "Add to cart". You can buy a variety of goods in an order.

Step 3: Click on the "cart" icon to proceed payment. You check the order information (item, quantity, shipping address) then click "Payment". To add/change shipping address, please go to "Address Book" at the bottom of Emartmall.com.vn.

Step 4: Verify shipping information (shipping address, recipient, phone, date of pick up), product in order, choose shipping method, add notes for order (if any), then proceed to "Confirm".

Step 5: After receiving the order of member, Emartmall.com.vn will confirm and send to customers.

2) Shipping Policy

When receiving the order from the customers, Emartmall.com.vn will confirm the order as soon as possible.

The delivery time begins when the customer's order is successfully verified.

Emartmall.com.vn delivers free shipping for orders from 300,000 VND within 5km, for orders from 500,000 VND within 10 km from E-Mart Go Vap Supermarket and charge at 5,000 per km for orders beyond the scope above from E-Mart Go Vap within TP. Ho Chi Minh.

3) Warranty Conditions

-  The warranty period is valid (based on the stamp/warranty card or the time of activation of the electronic warranty)

-  Having stamp/Warranty card

-  Goods with technical errors

-  Cases where warranty fees may incur:

        +  Goods have expired warranty period.

        +  Goods are broken, deformed, fired, exploded, humidity in the engine ... by the user.

If customers need to guarantee goods, please contact directly with the Center of warranty of this brand in the local (if any). If the customer is too far away from the warranty center or other inconvenience can not come to guarantee directly, customers can send goods to Emartmall.com.vn, depending on the case Emartmall.com.vn will support send goods for warranty.

4) Return Policy

Customers of Emartmall.com.vn have the right to request return within 15 days from receiving goods

Customers bring the returned product together with the purchase invoice and the original VAT invoice (if any) to the Customer Service Department at Emart to proceed the return.

For electronic and electrical appliances, the exchange/refund of the product will follow to the brand’s policy that labeling specified in the warranty card.

Product is not exchangeable/refundable:

-  Fresh foods, frozen foods, refrigerated foods, processed or cooked foods, products with a expired date less than 15 days

-  Cosmetics, accessories, underwear

-  Gift items in promotion, liquidated goods

-  Products damaged due to non-compliance with user manual or storage guidelines of brand.

Goods receiving address: E-Mart Vietnam Co., Ltd., 366 Phan Van Tri, Ward 5, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City.

** Note: You are responsible for the integrity of the goods sent to Emartmall.com.vn.

Shipping to Emartmall.com.vn

Please send goods to Emartmall.com.vn at address: E-Mart Vietnam Co., Ltd is located at 366 Phan Van Tri, Ward 5, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City. After checking the goods, Emartmall.com.vn will make the return or refund under the policy of return goods

Emartmall.com.vn encourages you to refer to the Goods Return Policy to ensure that your goods are eligible for exchange/refund.

5) Procedures to support complaints

Emartmall.com.vn is responsible for receiving complaints and supporting the customer involved in the transaction at Emartmall.com.vn.

Members submit complaints at:

-  E-Mart Vietnam Co., Ltd

-  Address: 366 Phan Van Tri, Ward 5, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City

-  Phone: (08) 3588 5678 (ex 1124 or 1126)

-  Email: dvkh@emart.vn

Emartmall.com.vn respects and strictly abides by the provisions of the law on protecting the rights of members (customers). Emartmall.com.vn provides full, accurate, truthful and detailed information related to goods and services.

Emartmall.com.vn is responsible for receiving complaints and supporting the Member involved in transactions at the E-Commerce website Emartmall.com.vn. When the dispute arises, Emartmall.com.vn emphasizes the negotiation and conciliation among the parties to maintain the trust of the members in the quality of E-Commerce website Emartmall.com.vn and follow the following steps:

Step 1: Members complain about the goods of Emartmall.com.vn by email or telephone.

Step 2: The customer care and support department of Emartmall.com.vn will receive the complaints of the Member, depending on the problem and level of the complaint, Emartmall.com.vn will take measures to support customers resolving that dispute. This department actively solved quickly and immediately respond to solve complaints based on the published policies within 2 working days.

Step 3: In the case outside the jurisdiction and authority of Emartmall.com.vn, the Management Department of E-Commerce website Emartmall.com.vn will request customers to bring this case to the State agency for settlement with the law.

The parties including member, Emartmall.com.vn will have a role in actively solving the problem. For member, should have the responsibility for providing information about the facts.